If your commercial or residential refrigerator isn’t cooling as it should, the motor is running more than usual or food is spoiling sooner than it should, the fix is likely more than just adjusting the temperature. As the leaders in commercial and residential fridge seals in Brisbane and Australia-wide, we’ve seen these signs in thousands of fridges and most often, it comes down to the fridge seal.


Problems Faced With Fridge Seals In Brisbane

Warm weather in Brisbane is even more reason to ensure your fridge seals are in tip top shape so your home or business refrigerator cools to the required temperature of 5 degrees or below. The warmer weather means that if your fridge seals are faulty, your fridge will reach the danger zone of between 5 and 60 degrees very quickly, increasing the risk of food poisoning; not a great outcome for your family and definitely a massive risk for your business in terms of health risks and the cost of lost food.

In addition to properly working fridge seals that lock in the cold air, a strong seal also locks out moisture. Brisbane is quite a humid place, particularly in summer. A faulty fridge seal can potentially allow this moisture to enter the fridge, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

In addition to food safety, an ineffective fridge seal could potentially cost you a lot of money on your electricity bill, too.


Fridge Seals and Electricity Use

When cold air escapes thanks to faulty fridge seals, your refrigerator will have to work twice as hard to maintain the set temperature, particularly in the warm Brisbane climate. This inevitably means higher electricity use and cost.

As an example, a family of 3-4 people with a 400-499 litre fridge will spend an average of $163.35 on electricity per year when a refrigerator is running normally. Throw in faulty seals and that number will skyrocket.

“I had a fridge door that would not seal or shut properly and as I live out of town, it was difficult to get someone to have a look at what the problem was. I called Seal-A-Fridge and they were able to come to my house and fix the problem on the spot. They have saved me a high electricity bill as my fridge doesn’t run longer than it should.” Janet Talbot

A café running a 960 litre upright two door fridge will spend an average of $468.47 a quarter when the refrigerator is running efficiently. Poor fridge seals will eventually affect your bottom line, not just with electricity, but potentially spoiled food. To get an idea of what your refrigerator’s running costs should be, click here.

“Not only was our food lasting longer but our electrical bills are smaller too. Thanks Seal-A-Fridge.” Chrysti

To extend the life of your fridge and improve its running efficiency, you need professionally installed, quality fridge seals. Brisbane and Greater Brisbane customers have been able to keep money in their pockets thanks to our trained technicians and over 26 years of experience and know-how. We offer warranties on our residential and commercial fridge seals and only use high quality products. We stand by our professional service and workmanship, and will help to get the most out of your fridge.

Don’t Waste Another Cent On An Inefficient Refrigeration System! Contact SEAL-A-FRIDGE On 13 14 79 For Your Fridge Seal Needs Today!

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