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SEAL-A-FRIDGE® – A Brand Australia Trusts with An Established Reputation For Quality

The Gold Standard for Commercial and Residential Fridge Seals

SEAL-A-FRIDGE® have been proudly supplying and fitting high quality fridge seal replacement products to customers across Australia and New Zealand for over thirty years. We are fastidious in ensuring that the right solution is found for the each refrigeration issue. SEAL-A-FRIDGE® offer exceptional service across Australia and New Zealand wherein a highly trained technician provides on-site installation of our high-quality product.  Click here to find a fridge seal technician near you.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply and fit fridge door seals for most refrigerator makes and models.   SEAL-A-FRIDGE® clients are then further supported by ongoing maintenance for that peace of mind feeling that comes with a job well done.
A leaky fridge seal means a loss for any home or business. This begets a loss of product quality, escalating electricity costs and a dramatically reduced life of a refrigeration system.

It’s a Question of Quality – We Set The Standard

SEAL-A-FRIDGE® offers reliable, professional service at a competitive price for commercial operations. Ensuring that refrigeration products are running effectively is a more economical solution than the constant replacement of units – as such, it’s the right choice for your business.

Health and safety audits focus on refrigeration in order to ensure customer health and safety. If refrigeration is not compliant, the ratings, reputations and revenue of businesses will suffer as a result. With a national guarantee,   SEAL-A-FRIDGE® confidently ensure that your business not only meets but surpasses the industry standard in terms of refrigeration compliance.

Seal-A-Fridge are Proud Contractors For

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Happy Customers

Sash Sash Sash recommends Seal-A-Fridge Tasmania: "Paul walked into my shop first impression great if not amazing very friendly guy and looks ready to go to work at anytime, he then mentioned seal for fridges ,automatically i though I’ll ask if he could possibly fix my oven yep oven !! never the less he had a look and says yes I can fix it i was please because I didn’t know who to contact. A phone call later he came with new seal and was gearing up to get the job done but it didn’t work the oven door didn’t want to close, we had to replace the hinges , so another phone call later he came back to tell me that the company will send the hinges ASAP and for no cost , never heard off.. But he came to my shop today and got the job done I have to say PAUL has gone above and beyond to fix the problem he didn’t have to but he did and for that Bravo , he is a gentleman and I would recommend him to everyone I know and don’t know. So thank you for the huge effort PAUL." read more
Sash Sash Sash