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An alternative is our SEAL-A-FRIDGE DIRECT - our Remote Seal Solution where we’ll send you out the correct seal along with comprehensive written instructions and a step-by-step video tutorial. Plus, you’ll have the back up support - if you need it - of LIVE SUPPORT with one of our friendly (and patient!) technicians! We don’t want geography to be a barrier to a properly sealed appliance.

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Same day make and fit

We make and fit replacement fridge and freezer door seals from our specially equipped mobile units - 'SEALS ON WHEELS'

Our Sure Seal Promise

SEAL-A-FRIDGE® offers a 12 months warranty on residential seals and 3 months warranty on commercial seals protecting you from any defect in the seal or an installation related issue.

National coverage

We have a professional, fully trained expert technician
ready to help you!

Efficient & safe

Seal-A-Fridge technicians only use seals that exceed our minimum quality standards, This optimises your equipment being both energy efficient and health and safety compliant.

Competitive Pricing

Our extensive franchise network means you will have access to high quality products at very competitive prices.

Efficient & safe

Seal-A-Fridge technicians only use seals that exceed our minimum quality standards, This optimises your equipment being both energy efficient and health and safety compliant.

SEAL-A-FRIDGE are Your Local Fridge Seal Experts

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Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
Daryl was really nice and friendly, super efficient and just a pleasure. Had a good chat while he was working and was done in no-time. I'd definitely use these guys again.
Shelley Hodges
Shelley Hodges
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Great service would definitely recommend.
Tamara Silvester
Tamara Silvester
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Great service and prompt! Top bloke!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your fridge/freezer door holding closed or popping open?
Is your fridge or freezer icing up?
Is there water leaking?
Is the fridge/freezer maintaining temperature?
Are your seals cracked, split or torn?
Are your seals buckled at the bottom or corners?
Are your seals hard and brittle?
Are your seals discoloured or mouldy?
Can you see a gap between the seal and the door?


If you answered yes to any of the above, then your fridge or freezer could be leaking cold air. If the cold air is escaping through your worn seals, the motor has to run longer to maintain the correct temperature to keep your food fresh. An efficient fridge uses up to 10% of your household electricity. Save money today and check your fridge and freezer seals.

Of course, SEAL-A-FRIDGE® comes to you and offers service Australia wide. Give us a call.

No just remove any ice from around the door. Our technicians can replace your seals with the motor running, so you will not lose any perishables.

Yes, we can supply fridge seals without installation. However, to change a fridge seal is harder than it looks, ask anyone who has tried and failed.

All our operators are highly trained and give a warranty on all parts and installation. The few dollars that you might save by installing it yourself is more than made up by the peace of mind in having the seals installed by professionals SEAL-A-FRIDGE®.

Yes, If your seals are broken, cracked or not sealing properly then the fridge motor (compressor) will be working harder and longer to keep the fridge cold, therefore using more electricity. By having correctly installed and fitted seals your electricity bill will be reduced because the fridge will operate more efficiently.

The seal holds the door closed, this keeps the cold air trapped inside the fridge and stops it from escaping. If you seals are broken, cracked or not closing properly, your fridge motor will be working harder to make up for the escaping cold air.

We accept cash, cheque and in most cases credit cards. At the time of booking your job please check to see if we accept your credit card.

Each refrigerator is different so by contacting your local SEAL-A-FRIDGE® installer they will be able to give you a ballpark figure over the phone or internet. Then prior to starting any work at your home or business our installers will provide you with a fixed price for the work to be performed. This means at the end of the work there will be no surprises, no hidden fees, and all our work is guaranteed!

An old broken, torn or cracked seal is relatively easy to see as a problem as to why your fridge is not keeping cool, but a poorly aligned door can be invisible to the fridge owner if you are not aware that the seal is not adhering to the face of the fridge because the door has dropped. What to look out for is when you close the fridge or freezer door the door will bounce off the face of the fridge and may not close. Alternatively you may close the fridge door and the freezer door will bounce open.

A door alignment is a simple process of taking off the fridge and freezer door and realigning the door to the face of the fridge and tightening the screws. We always check the door alignment after replacing seals to make sure the seal has got the “happy slap” sound as it closes.

A new fridge can be damaged before or during its arrival to your home especially the bottom hinge. We have found many broken hinges that needed to be rebuilt in order to be able to stabilise the bottom door. The damage may have been done years previously and slowly, every time the door is opened and closed the hinge is caving-in at the bottom hinge. Due to the demand for this door repair Seal-a-fridge technicians are getting very good at hinge restoration and all those who have had their fridge door repaired are very pleased to have the fridge working as good as new.

Vermin can attack fridges and freezers: Something that is not so common is when insects or rats attack the seals on your fridge or freezer stored in the garage or shed. If the seal is old and not sealing well vermin are able to smell the food inside the fridge and will start to attack the seal in order to get into the fridge. A well fitted new seal and door alignment should stop this problem, as well as cleaning any spills around the face or on the seal to prevent attracting vermin to the fridge.


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