According to Google, fridge seal replacement is as easy as following the steps outlined for your model of refrigerator. But if you ask anyone who has attempted to replace the seal on their fridge, they will admit it is a fiddly job. While it may be tempting to purchase your fridge seals and have a crack at replacing them yourself, here are some reasons why it’s better to outsource to a technician.

DIY Fridge Seal Replacement Will Take Longer than a Technician

When it comes to fridge seal replacement, time is of the essence. Especially if you have commercial fridges for your business. A technician will not only have the skills to replace your seal in a short amount of time, they will have the experience from working on a number of models of fridges. This means if your refrigerator seal replacement has been deemed a bit tricky online from those how-to forums, you can be assured it won’t be as fiddly or time-consuming for your technician.


DIY Can Cost You Productivity

When it comes to valuing your time, it’s important to consider whether outsourcing is a better use of your time than trying to attempt doing something you’ve never done before. If a technician can do the job in a shorter amount of time, then it’s a no brainer to book seal-a-fridge in to replace the seal, so you can focus on other jobs that make better use of your time. No commercial business can afford to lose a couple of hours of production time. In this instance, outsourcing your fridge seal replacement job to a technician is a smart business decision.


DIY Can Cost You More Money

While you may save on labour costs when installing your own fridge seal, it’s important to check that the seal has been installed correctly. If it hasn’t and you run a commercial business that relies on its refrigerators to keep product fresh, you can lose your safety rating and potentially income generating product. The consequences of DIY fridge seal replacement can cost you more money than booking a technician out to do the job.

When it comes to deciding who replaces the fridge seal, you need to consider the consequences which will affect your business’s bottom line. If you’re a simply looking to replace the seal in your home fridge, could your time be better spent doing other jobs or spending time with family? Outsourcing your fridge seal replacement to a technician will always be the best option to get the job done right the first time. You can be guaranteed with a quality job which will give you peace of mind to the overall running of the appliance.
If you have a fridge that requires its seals to be replaced, why not contact SEAL-A-FRIDGE® to for a quote and call out.

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